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Visit Visa e-Service

Main Page

  • This is the main gateway to the services hosted under the Visit Visa e-Service.
  • Using this e-Service, you are able to:
    • Issue Visa
      Apply for a certain visa, pay the required visa fees and ultimately prints out the issued visa
    • View Visa Applications
      View and Track the applications you have submitted online
    • View Visa Status View
      the status of a specific visa
    • Extend Visa
      Extend the duration of a certain visa for a specific period of time
  • Additional information about each type of visa is included in the "Visa Services" section of the portal
  • Rendering of the services depends on the type of the user; being a public user or an e-Government registered user (logged-in user), as well as on the access privileges granted to that user.
  • Analogous to services, the user is permitted to issue certain visa types depending on his/her type and access rights.
  • Upon selecting a visa type to issue, the relevant application form will be displayed.
View Visa Status Help Tips

  • Through this web page, you can view the details of a valid visa or visa application by providing the application number, applicant passport number and nationality.
  • Fields marked with red strokes (asterisks - *) are mandatory. Please fill in those fields prior to submitting the application.
  • Upon entering the required information, press the "View" button to proceed. If information provided matches an existing visa or visa application, visa or visa application status and details will be displayed.
  • If your application has been "approved", then you need to press the "Pay" icon under the "Actions" column to proceed with issuing the requested visa.
  • If your application has been "rejected", then you can press the "Remarks" icon under the "Actions" column to view rejection reason (if any).
  • If your application is still "being processed", then you can only view any remarks provided by the Ministry of Interior.
  • If your visa has been "issued", then you can press the "Print" icon under the "Actions" column to view and print the issued visa.
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